As a Creative English parent, you are your child’s most important educator. Ongoing research shows that parents who are actively involved in their child’s learning help their child to achieve more.

We ask that our parents provide home support in learning literacy, grammatical and mathematical concepts. At the end of each week, students’ literacy workbooks will return home and each child is encouraged to show their work to their parents.

Parents can ask questions, go through the exercises and help to re-enforce each academic concept. Even a short review time each day will help students to develop a positive sense of themselves and their work, enrich their confidence and skill in expressing themselves in English, and inspire confidence in their own abilities.

Parents are encouraged to bring forward any feedback to ensure their child can grow to the best of their abilities. 

Your support and encouragement are the building blocks that will help your child will form a strong parent/child bond and a sense of trust that will endure throughout their academic life.