The Staff at Creative-English are committed to providing a warm caring positive environment for all involved with the service. This ensures that children are able to develop to their fullest potential at their own pace and to gain independence and positive self-esteem.

Founder - Naoko (Koko) Forsberg

Naoko founded Creative English in summer 2013 with the aim of creating the kind of academic environment within which she felt her two children would best be able to flourish. She worked hard to find the right location and a dedicated team, and the school has been expanding ever since. 

Naoko is Japanese and married to an Australian so her children are being raised in a bilingual home. She wanted their dual language skills to be supported through their school work too. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the school, drawing on her experience of raising children between two cultures.

創設者 - フォースバーグ直子



Teacher - Dax Curin

Dax is the newest teacher to join the school. Dax has been teaching at all levels in Japan for over 13 years He joins our  Fujimino school as we look to grow our after-school offerings to accommodate boys and girls of all ages. 

Teacher- Scott Robert 

Scott teaches at our School in Fujimino. Scott's specialty is After-school with years of knowledge in our Lets Go and Jolly Phonics. Scott comes from Americas South and came to Japan after falling in love with the culture and lifestyle.

Teacher - Ritchel

Ritchel joins our school as an experienced after-school teacher, preschool support member and Mum!

Ritchel came to Japan from the Philippines and she always has a smile on her face.

We love that she knows all the best games to make learning English fun for all! 

Teacher - Galina 

Galina joins our school as an experienced after-school teacher, preschool support member and Mum!

Galina came to Japan from Moldova and fell in love with everything Japan has to offer.

Galina is our language specialist as she learnt 3 languages growing up but she didn't just stop with 3!

Admin / Operations - Maiko


Media , Webmaster - Eion

Having grown up in sunny Australia and lived for many years in the not-so-sunny England, Eion relocated to Japan to grow roots with his family and to challenge himself with the Japanese language and culture. Eion is a self-confessed “tech head” and provides the school with strong media, videography and photographic skills.

メディア - イオン・フォースバーグ