Involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create and learn.



There are some 400 million native English speakers in the world, and it is the medium of communication for millions more – English is the most widely used second language in the world.

Creative English is truly a creative learning environment. We share the belief that each child is unique and we aim to provide a creative environment that gives each student the encouragement to fulfill their academic, social and learning potential.

The vision for our school is to help each child reach his/her highest potential by providing learning opportunities that promote growth of the whole child within a safe, nurturing, interactive environment. We aim to help each child develop into a well-balanced individual through an integrated learning process that promotes higher self-esteem.

We design learning activities and experiences that include the five areas of children’s development based on Early Childhood Education Framework.

   Social & Emotional Development: enhances self-concept and promotes acceptance.

   Creative Learning: enhances self-expression through awareness and sensitivity to the arts.

   Cognitive Learning: enhances communication, problem solving, making choices, exploring, experimenting and questioning.

   Physical Development: promotes good health, nutrition, fitness and fine and gross motor coordination.

   Language: enhances the development of children in all areas.

   Constant assessing: using innovative techniques and tools, we observe and respond to each child’s individual needs and offer discovery and development in all study paths.

Our academic curriculum is taken directly from the British curriculum, yet we borrow certain ideals of different teaching styles such as Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio to ensure we give each child a complete opportunity to grow. We incorporate teacher-led classes, self-learning through a sensory and hands-on approach, academic station-based activities, mixed-age classes and lots of learning through music and movement.