Do you have a qualified first aider at Creative English?

Yes, we have at least one qualified school nurse present at all times.

Can anyone access the school?

No, we have a fire-regulated front and back door that can only be opened from the inside by a member of staff.

Could I look at the rooftop from outside the school?

No, our school is not on the ground floor and our outdoor area is securely fenced and cannot be accessed from the outside.

If my child is sick, how long should they stay at home before they can return to school?

The type of illness will dictate how long they should stay at home so as not to come into contact with other students. School guidelines will be provided upon enrollment.

Some children put toys in their mouths; is this a worry?

Younger students will put things in their mouths as a way of exploration. All school toys, surfaces and floors are regularly cleaned using disinfectants to ensure the school is kept as clean and germ-free as possible.


Living in Japan, we have to accept that there is a possibility of an unforeseen emergency. We have created the safest environment possible to allow for maximum prevention of accidents and to enhance the safety of each student.

•   Our school has two fire exits on opposites sides of the school to ensure a safe evacuation if the need arises. 

•   Emergency packs are easily reachable at these exits complying with Japanese Government standards for all schools in Japan. Each pack contains drinking water and dried food/high energy sweets, extensive first aid kits, torches, wind up radios, insulation sheets, nappies etc.

•   We ask that indoor shoes are brought to school from the day your child joins and students are required to wear them at all times unless instructed by the lead teacher.

Further details about emergency communication, evacuation points and general guidance will be given upon enrollment.















•   非常口は正面と後ろの2箇所あります。

•   非常袋も各非常口の近くに用意してあり、政府の推奨するものが備わっています。飲料水、非常食、高カロリーのおやつ、救急箱、懐中電灯、手回し発電式ラジオ、断熱シート、オムツなどです。

•   入学の際に室内履きのご用意をお願いしています。教員からの指示がある場合を除いて、生徒は常に室内履きを履いて下さい。