Founder - Naoko Forsberg

Naoko founded Creative English in summer 2013 in Tokyo with the aim of creating the kind of academic environment within which she felt her two children would best be able to flourish. She worked hard to find the right location and a dedicated team, and the school has It has been expanding ever since.

Naoko is Japanese and married to an Australian so her children are being raised in a bilingual home. She wanted their dual language skills to be supported through their school work too. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the school, drawing on her experience of raising children between two cultures.

After moving from Tokyo to Saitama, Naoko realised that Fujimino and the surrounding areas do not have any creative, fun and artistic English schools. She saw an opportunity to introduce a new branch of Creative English, a school where children are given hands-on challenges and expression is encouraged through self-learning, thus providing a unique opportunity to make academic learning fun.


Creative English started as a pre-school that provides first-class education to children aged 2-12 years old in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku. We cater to both native English and non-native English students who wish to develop their language skills.

After being open for only 18 months, we now educate over 60 children per week from a diverse mix of nationalities and cultures. Our students come from all over the world, from Europe and Australasia to the US and Asia. To help ease our Japanese students’ transition into the English language, and to assist their parents should they not speak English, we employ full-time Japanese-speaking staff.

We incorporate monthly themes into our studies, presenting students with exposure to different types of wildlife, landscapes, people, cultures and musical genres. We believe there are great benefits to exploring an international environment and we understand just how quickly inquisitive minds can grow through daily challenges. Throughout the year, we host various events that celebrate these theme highlights.

Our new Fujimino School will include different elements of these themes to provide exposure to other cultures, learning through music and movement activities, getting messy making hands-on art projects and, most importantly, activities to give our students the confidence and desire to want to speak, listen, read and write English. Our structured and age-appropriate classes will give everyone the full benefit of learning through creative activities.

Whether your child is native English, new to the English language, at an advanced level, or simply comes along to join in our wonderfully creative curriculum, they are sure to enjoy our fun and exciting challenges.

Creative English is dedicated to providing quality education in a creative and vibrant environment. 

To ensure the continued academic and social growth of each student, we have a strict limit on class sizes, which allows the children to move around the school with ease.

Our ratio of 5 students to each teacher enables us to provide the support needed for each child. As many of our classes are activity based, we feel that this level of support is required for our studies. Our classroom is constantly changing to provide artistic stimulation and to help re-enforce concepts learnt in lessons.

We also encourage the older children to act as mentors to the younger students and to help them with their school routines and to learn to be responsible for their own belongings.

A sample of our classes

Creative-English International School is a private English School that provides full day care and Afterschool for 15-20 children from 18 months onwards. The School is designed to provide a warm and family orientated learning environment promoting child development in a fun and educational manner, helping to prepare children for their further schooling years.

Using qualified English teachers, we plan multiple blocks of fun creative lessons around free play time and meal/sleep breaks. Weekly and monthly we create fun themes that guides the various activities we do. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of the English language that can be used as building block for further education, we don't just cover speaking and listening, we cover reading and writing also! 

We are different! We are not a daycare, we are not an Eikaiwa, this is fun curriculum based learning, with goals. Children have access to the free play room, classroom & sleep room, they will also enjoy a selection of playground trips and excursions.

Check out some of our specialist classes and activities below, and feel free to call or mail us anytime!