At the conception stage we decided that class numbers should be limited to ensure maximum potential for social and academic growth. Accordingly, we chose a space for our school that would accommodate the class sizes we had in mind while allowing us plenty of freedom to enjoy full-class activities and whole-school music and movement sessions.

Our school is decorated throughout with colourful, creative murals, students’ artwork and academic visual aids to provide a vibrant and exciting learning environment that stimulates every child’s imagination.

We want both students and parents to feel instantly welcomed by the warmth of the school, so we have ensured that from the minute you step inside the hallway, you are drawn in by the school’s creative energy. Being the ‘spine’ of the school, the hallway leads to the classroom, jungle room, playroom and rooftop…

This is where the magic takes place! Academic studies, arts and crafts, messy science projects, sensory/table toys, structured free-play time, language development puppets, reading corner etc. Each child’s imagination comes to life here. 

Jungle Room
Cheeky monkeys, laughing lions, smirking snakes and other interesting characters swing from vines and hide in the tall grass, welcoming you into our animal sanctuary. Our Jungle Room is a quieter place for teaching in smaller groups, perfect for both the younger ones and the advanced groups. Our one-on-one reading sessions take place here too, and when the younger ones grow tired, it doubles up as a quiet time/sleeping room.

The Playroom is a marvel in itself! Lots of famous, well-loved children’s characters form a beautiful backdrop in our soft-floored playroom where we can have free-play time and socialise with our friends. Morning and afternoon circle time takes place here along with various music and movement activities, children’s yoga, drama fun, gross motor skill fun and lots more.

Our rooftop offers an amazing outdoor play space for the students. We encourage water fun and sand play, and there’s a huge outdoor chalkboard and even a small garden to encourage green fingers.