We offer a structured, creative and imaginative programme that will help each child to gain confidence in the English language and to achieve academic excellence. From 15:00 until 20:00 daily we offer exciting classes aimed at students between the ages 3-12 years old.


Whether your child is English native, new to the language, or has basic English skills, our afternoon schedule will provide them with stimulating classes to build confidence through verbal, written and visual strategies.

Our after-school programme combines a variety of learning concepts including:

•   Circle time based on music and movement and focusing on pronunciation, repetition, listening skills and language development. At the end of each circle time we introduce a new phonics sound and recap the past weeks’ work too.

•   Worksheet-based lesson that introduces a language concept (grammar, phonetics, descriptive text, speaking, reading etc). Each concept will follow the ESL curriculum. 

•   An artistic and expressive class to reinforce the previously learnt concept - through art, cooking, science, games etc. This will help each student to fully comprehend the new concept, and any accompanying homework will deepen understanding too.

•   A one-on-one reading programme (including reading, phonics comprehension, writing and pronunciation) introduced once each student is confident and capable enough. At the end of each session, the reading book will be taken home along with homework.

 With a strict student-teacher ratio, we encourage all age groups to share the same classroom space as often as possible as we believe that mentoring and learning from each other is vital in children’s ability to develop their imagination and learn respect, tolerance and how to lead by example.